North Dakota Renaissance Zone

The Fifty-sixth North Dakota Legislative Assembly enacted the Renaissance Zone Act allowing North Dakota cities to create a maximum of 20 contiguous blocks area with a duration of up to 15 years, where certain types of tax exemptions and credits can be applied to stimulate revitalization, or redeveloped to attract businesses and residents to that area.

The ND Renaissance Zone Act Tax Incentives Guideline, the document that explains the income and financial institution tax incentives available under the North Dakota Renaissance Zone Act, can be downloaded from: ND Renaissance Zone.pdf

Casselton Renaissance Zone

Casselton has a Renaissance Zone Program that is authorized by the State of North Dakota and that spans the downtown business district and a few adjoining residential blocks. See the following map for covered area: Casselton Renaissance Zone Map

 Proposed Renaissance Zone projects must be submitted to and approved by the city prior to start of construction. A Renaissance Zone proposal check-off and more information can be found in the City of Casselton Renaissance Zone Project Application Document

The City of Casselton wants to encourage significant investment within the Renaissance Zone to improve deteriorating properties and to curtail the vacation of buildings and potential decline in tax base. Properties should be renovated or built to meet the needs of the community and should conform with the City’s comprehensive plan and land use plan. These plan documents are available upon request.

IMPORTANT: In the City of Casselton Renaissance Zone, a transfer of property ownership does not automatically qualify a property as an approved zone project. A project must be approved by the city council before the purchase of property or improvements begin.