Casselton Business Association

Unifying Business in Casselton

The Casselton Business Association is open to all Casselton area businesses. It is independent of any civic organization or the governing body of the city. The association is to meet approximately once per month. Its purposes are:

  • Promote a positive business climate in the community by:

    • Making our businesses more visible through specific promotions, events or advertising.

    • Participating in community-wide events.

    • Exchanging ideas among members regarding the promotion of the business community.

  • Cooperate with the city and with civic organizations in efforts to improve the community’s image and to promote the community as a whole rather than through sponsorship or financial contribution for individual recognition, accomplishment or opportunity.

  • Educate ourselves on the needs of consumers in our market area and work to meet those needs.

  • Provide a forum for members to express their concerns or to offer

The Casselton Business Association is an organization of nearly 100 business members that works to improve business environment in Casselton and our community as a whole.

Become a member of the Casselton Business Association

If you would like to join the CBA, please download and complete our Membership Form.

CBA Leadership

Sheila Christianson
Ohnstad Twichell

Amanda Gunkel

Retta Roach
Cass County Reporter

Tracey Sherman, President
Manager, Cass County Mutual

Lindsey Johnson, Secretary
Cass County Mutual Insurance Company

Linda Sell, Treasurer
Piper Tax