Garbage Collection

The City provides tote style containers for all residential garbage collection free of charge. The containers have lids and wheels which are very sturdy and easy to roll around. There are two options for container sizes:

A 96 gallon container will hold about 7 common kitchen garbage bags of 13 gallon capacity and costs $15.00 per month for pickup.

A 64 gallon container will hold about 5 common kitchen garbage bags of 13 gallon capacity and costs $11.00 per month for pick up.

Special stickers are sold at the Auditor’s office if an ‘extra bag’ is needed to be picked up periodically. The extra bag cannot exceed a 30 gallon capacity and the special stickers costs $3.00 per sticker. Unmarked bags that are not in the garbage tote will not be picked up. Some residents will need more than one container. If this is your situation then your bill will reflect the number of containers required.

Extra Fee:

Furniture and carpet are not accepted at the city landfill so you must call city hall at 347-4861 x10 to schedule pickup of the following items.  These fees will be added to your utility bill:

  • Chair – free

  • Couch or mattress/box spring – $10.00 each

  • Carpet rolls no wider than 4 feet and no longer than 9 feet, rolled 4 feet wide and tied. Single room (up to 3 rolls) – free Larger room – $15.00

Garbage pickup is on paved roads only.

There are ways that households can reduce the amount of garbage going to a landfill. The City has two recycling drop sites for recycling newsprint, cardboard, aluminum cans, steel cans, glass, plastic jugs and magazines. These sites are available for use free of charge.

Please contact the auditor with your address and which size and number of totes you would like to use. Residents will be able to change their container size once per year.

Please take time to read the following regulations.

Trash Regulations

  • All occupants of residences shall deposit all garbage and refuse in garbage containers provided by the City and place said containers, with the wheels toward the house, adjacent to the street for collection on the day(s) designated by the City Public Works Director for pickup. The container must be placed at least three feet from any object and not behind a vehicle that is parked on the street. Placement should be in the driveway, on the curb or in an accessible location approved by the Public Works Director.

  • All garbage must be placed in bags before placement into the container, and make sure the lid is completely closed.

  • The containers should be placed in the required location for collection no earlier than 7:00 p.m. on the day preceding a designated pickup day, or by 6:00 a.m. the day of designated pickup and must be removed from a street or curbside location no later than 7:00 p.m. after the container has been emptied. Except during these prescribed hours, the containers must be stored in a location selected so as to create a minimum of disturbance or distraction to adjoining residents and to the general public. The covers shall remain closed at all times.

  • The containers remain the property of the City and are provided and assigned to residences for the health, safety, convenience, and general welfare of the occupants. Containers that are damaged, destroyed, or stolen through abuse, neglect, or improper use by the owner/occupant will be replaced by the City at the expense of the occupants or the owner of the residence. The containers shall not be damaged, destroyed, defaced, or removed from the premises by any person. Markings and identification devices on the containers, except as placed by the City, are expressly prohibited and will be regarded as damage to the containers. The occupant/owner shall maintain the container in a clean and odor free condition. Damaged or missing containers should be reported to the City for repairs or replacement.

  • If a garbage container is found to be abused or improperly used, the City will mark/tag the container. The resident user is responsible for contacting the City to determine why the container has been marked and to follow corrective action before the mark/tag may be removed.

  • A variation to the requirements of this section related to placement of the container for collection may be considered only after a written request is made to the Supervisor of Public Works.

  • The owner or occupant responsible for the container is responsible to notify the City when moving or no longer requiring the container. The City will remove the container and inspect it to insure it has not been damaged. If damages are determined to exist according to these regulations, the owner or occupant will be assessed for the cost of repairs or replacement.

  • The owner or occupant is responsible to locate the container at the driveway or on the curb for collection. No garbage, trash or refuse will be collected unless it is in an approved container or approved by the City for collection for a special event, such as “clean-up week”. The owner or occupant who fails to comply with the requirement of placing garbage, trash, or refuse at the proper location on their designated day will not receive any collection until the following week on the normal collection day.

  • No property owner or tenant may allow the accumulation of garbage, refuse, rubbish, or wastes upon property owned or occupied by him/her so that such accumulation is dangerous or prejudicial to the public health.

  • Where such an accumulation exists for any reason, the City may summarily remove, abate, or remedy such accumulation and the expense of the action must be paid by the person in default, and if not paid, a lien shall be placed upon the land or premises where the problem arose and shall be collected as unpaid taxes.

  • No hazardous materials such as chemicals, paint, motor oil, florescent light bulbs, microwaves, TVs, computers or monitors should be placed in your cart. These items can be taken to the City of Fargo’s Household Hazardous Waste facility located at 606 43-1/2 Street NW. The electronics are also accepted at Best Buy stores.

  • No grass, construction demo, or concrete are allowed in the containers. The City will tag/mark the container one time; if there continues to be prohibited items the container will be removed. The resident user is responsible for contacting the City to determine why the container has been marked and to follow corrective action before the mark/tag may be removed, or returned.

  • No bricks, shingles or excess garden waste including apples are allowed in the containers. These items can be taken to the city landfill.

  • Hold the cart handle and tip the cart back on its wheels before attempting to push or pull the cart. Don’t roll the cart with the lid open. On slopes, push the cart when going downhill; pull the cart when going uphill.

  • Extra bag fee = $3.00 per bag with prepurchased stickers available at City Hall. If there is not a sticker on the bag it will not be picked up. 30 gallon is the maximum size allowed.

  • Maintenance and Exchanges- If you need to exchange your cart for a different size you may contact City Hall and request one cart exchange per year. Additional exchanges will be billed at $10 per exchange. Your monthly garbage fee will be adjusted to reflect the new cart size.

Collection Schedule:

Trash will not be collected on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Trash normally scheduled for collection on a holiday will be collected the next weekday following the holiday.

Tuesday – All residents north of the railroad tracks except those along Langer Avenue

Thursday – All residents on Langer Avenue and those south of the railroad tracks

Business Accounts – Speak with Public Works for your schedule

The City offers an automatic payment plan for your City utility bill. Download the automatic payment form PDF and return the completed form to the Casselton City Auditor. The document authorizes the City to automatically withdraw your water bill amount from your checking or savings account. The funds are taken out on the 10th of every month. About 38% of all homes and businesses participate in this plan. A utility bill will still be mailed each month to show usage and amount to be withdrawn.

Landfill Hours

The city landfill is generally open for the season May 1st - November 1st!  Hours are from 3pm to 8pm (or until dark if before 8pm) Monday through Friday and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday (weather permitting - closed when muddy).  Directions: Go south at Front Street and 15th Ave N.

Click here for a list of the Landfill Disposal Fees.

Call 347-5521 for additional information.

Please note that carpet and furniture are not accepted at the city landfill. Please call city hall at 347-4861 x10 to have these items picked up.

Clean up week is May 6-11, 2019

The landfill hours for clean up week are from 1pm to 8pm May 6 to May 10.
Saturday, May 11, the landfill will be open from 10am to 6pm.


  • Only residential trash will be collected. No commercial waste.

  • Place trash where your regular garbage is picked up. Separate like items together, leaving three feet of clear space around totes.

  • Except for the city-provided tote, all containers will be disposed of.

  • No clean-up trash will be collected after the regular garbage pickup day.

  • All trees must be bundled and tied in 4-foot lengths; logs must be no more than 4 feet long and 10 inches across. Brush will not be picked up if not properly bundled.

  • Items to be picked up are wood, metal, & appliances, LIMIT OF 2 APPLIANCES PER HOUSEHOLD, combined limit of 2 couches and/or mattress/box springs and 2 tires. No leaves, grass, concrete, porcelain (toilets and sinks) or construction material will be picked up. These items must be hauled to the landfill. Other than the furniture City residents and businesses are also allowed to bring items to the landfill and will be accepted free of charge during clean up week..

  • The Public Works Department asks residents to NOT put any pesticides, weed killers, paints or any other hazardous waste with your garbage. These and other hazardous waste, including televisions, microwaves and computers, can be taken to the City of Fargo Household Hazardous Waste facility, located at 606 43-1/2 St N, Fargo ND. Phone 281-8915 (M-F 9-5, W 9-6 and the 2nd Saturday of the month 8a-12n). The hazardous waste facility is free to Casselton Residents if you bring your water bill from the City of Casselton with you. There will be a charge for items that contain mercury. Electronics are also accepted at Best Buy in Fargo.

Recycle Program

Recycling Dumpsters are located on the 800 block of Front Street just south of the Vet’s Club and on the 600 block of First Street South east of the Nickl Park. The Recycling program accepts:

Aluminum beverage cans

  • Yes – Clean aluminum beverage cans-Please separate aluminum from steel and tin cans.

  • No – Aluminum foil, jar lids, cat food tins, Dirty cans, paint cans, aerosol cans, tin foil pie pans, and scrap metal.

Steel and Tin cans

  • Yes – Clean steel and tin cans. Please separate steel and tin cans from aluminum cans.

  • No – Aluminum foil, Dirty cans, paint cans, aerosol cans, tin foil pie pans, and scrap metal.

Corrugated cardboard

  • Yes – Corrugated cardboard boxes. Please slit the seams and flatten to allow space for more boxes.

  • No – Please no beverage boxes or shoe boxes, waxed boxes, chip board and paper boards such as cereal or tissue boxes.


  • Yes – Newspapers along with inserts, shoppers and publications printed on newspaper stock. This includes anything delivered in your daily paper.

  • No – Catalogs, junk mail and construction paper


  • Yes – Any color glass, with all covers removed.

  • No – Porcelain, glass insulators, and tempered glass.

Plastic Jugs

  • Yes – neck only containers like milk, detergent and such.

  • No – plastic bags, ice cream containers.


  • Yes – Magazines with glossy pages

  • No – Phone books, catalogs over 3/4 inch thick, books, or junk mail

New! White Office Paper

  • Yes – Plain White Paper

  • No – Colored Paper, Post-Its

  • This container is located at the west side of the Central Cass School. The lid must remain closed to keep the paper dry for recycling.